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Welcome everyone to our online shop for
potable water tanks.
Here we manufacture our own water storage tanksfrom MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene). Our potable water tanks are made with Wras approved polymers which are used for drinking water.
Our potable water tank selection includes a range of different sizes and shaped water tanks. There are plenty of water tank options which really depend on how much water you are looking at storing. Our potable water tanks range from 280 litres to 19,000 litres so you can save as much water in your water tank as you want. We are based in Melbourn Cambridgeshire and welcome all custom.

Popular Potable Seller

Potable Drinking Water Tank 1850 Litres
1900 Slimline Potable Tank
Potable Water Tank 2000 Litres
Potable Water Tank 3000 Litres
Potable Water Tank 4500 Litres
Potable Water Tanks
Potable Drinking Water Tanks
Large Potable Tanks
10,000 Litre Potable Tank
20,000 Litre Potable Tank
Potable Tanks
Baffled Water Tanks
Water Bowsers
Potable Water Tanks - Storing your water in a strong and quality water storage tank. Made with extra strength and durability.
Small potable water tanks
- ideal or drinking water and large potable water tanks

Baffled Water Tanks - Perfect for Car Valeting Tanks, window cleaning tanks and vehicle water tanks.

Bowsers - See our wide range of water bowsers from many different sizes.
Chemical Tanks
Coloured Tanks
Drinking Water Tanks
Chemical Tanks - Ecosure Chemical Tanks all different varieties and sizes. Get the right one that suits your requirements.
Water Tanks - A wide collection of water storage tanks. Underground water storage tanks and aboveground water tanks
Drinking Water Tanks - Made from wras approved polymers making it safe for drinking water storage.
Fertil Tanks
Grit Bins
GRP Tanks
Fertiliser Tanks
Our fertiliser tanks range from 1450 litres - 25,000 litres
Grit Bins - Have somewhere to store your grit for cold weather conditions.
GRP Tanks from 1 piece grp tanks to low range grp and sectional grp tanks.
Insulated Tanks
Our IBC range includes IBC Bunds, Pallets, IBC Containers, Spill Kits and more.
Insulated water tanks are made with insulation to prevent the water inside from freezing in the cold winter months
See our New garden ponds range. We will be adding to this wonderful collection of UK Made Ponds.
Layflat Tanks
Oil Tanks
Layflat Tanks - Ideal for storing water low to the ground or ideal for vehicle use.
Ecosure Oil Tanks - Manufactured in the UK which include bunded oil tanks and below ground oil tanks.
Water Pumps - From submersible water pumps, pond pumps and more.
Slimline Water Tanks
Water Butts
Slimline tanks are designed to take up less space but give you still a great water capacity.
Water Tank Accessories - Tap Kits, Tank Lids and more.
Water Butts - A massive selection of garden water butts from different sizes, shapes and colours.
Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Tanks
Underground Water Tanks
Rainwater Harvesting Systems
See our ranges of aboveground systems and below. Many sizes and many options. Ideal for domestic households, commercial, industrial, agricultural and more...
Rainwater Harvesting Tanks - See our ranges of underground and aboveground systems.
Underground Water Tanks - Different sized underground water tanks

Blooming Marvelous Planters
The Blooming Marvelous Planters - Fun, Bright, Colourful and designed with a modern look. Weather resistant and designed to last.
Most Popular Water Tanks
280 Ltr Water Tank 280 Litre Water Tank is ideal for storing water and with it's slimline shape its ideal for fitting into those small and awkward spaces.
500 Ltr Water Tank
500 Litre Slimline water tank that comes in three varients and colours. A very popular seller.
1050 Litre Water Tank 1050 Litre Water Tank comes in many colours and three varients. Slim design in easy to store.
Recommended Potable Water Tanks
710 Litre Water Tank 710 Litre Water Tank In Black - Ideal plastic water tank that is designed to sit flush against a wall or garden shed.
900 Ltr Water Tank 900 Litre Water Tank - Round shaped and easy to access the water when needed.
1000 Litre Water Tank 1000 Litre Water Tank Easy access with a 16" hinged lid, ideal for bucket access and droping a submersible water pump in. Modern in design available in serveral colours to suite your surroundings
Slimline Water Tank Varients
Potable Water Tank Varient 1
Potable Water Tank Varient 2
Potable Water Tank Varient 3
Varient 1
Varient 2
Varient 3

Ecosure Water Tanks

All of the Ecosure potable water tanks, water tanks and water butts are made here on site to meet all standards and to provide you with an faster delivery and excellent customer service. This also allows us to offer you a next day delivery service if you place your order before noon by phone.



Wall Mounted Water Butt
Wall Mounted Water Butt
Wall Mounted Water Butt In Green Marble

Wall Mounted Water Butt

The wall mounted water butt is perfect for keeping your water stored safely out of the way. Its strong and easy to mount and comes with wall fixings.

Ideal for all summer when your garden is going through some dry spells! Why not get a wall mounted water butt they come in a range of garden colours and at a fantastic prices !

You can fill up your watering can with ease and attach a garden hose to the bottom outlet. So make life easier for yourself with this 100 litre water butt.

Water Tanks

Get your water storage tank today and start saving yourself some money on your water. Especially if you are on a water metre you will notice the difference with your water bills on how money you really can save. We have many special offers and discounts on more than one water tank or water butt. See our special offers under our online shop. Our plastic water tanks and water butts are made to last.


Potable Water Tank

Our potable water tanks are made with wras approved polymers which are used for storage of drinking water. So if you want to store drinking water safely and you want a potable water tank that is suited to your needs you won't need to look elsewhere. Ecosure potable water tanks are made here on site in the Uk and they are made in many different sizes and shapes to suit domestic house holds, to suit commercial and business purposes, agricultural and farming and to suit industrial size purposes. We provide a fantastic range of potable water tanks for aboveground and underground giving you a wide range of potable tank options.



All Ecosure water and oil storage tanks are made here in Hertfordshire on site. They are made using a high grade of plastic to ensure extra strength and durability. Unlike any other manufacturer on the market Ecosure prides itself in quality to ensure all standards are met. If you require a bespoke storage tank at a certain size please give us a call on 0871 200 2082.

Water Tanks

The Ecosure water tanks selection is ideal for domestic households, commercial applications, industrial and agricultural. Ecosure water tanks range has now increased in many size options which gives you more rainwater harvesting options and style water tanks. Choosing a water tank size is entirely up to you and depends on how much room you have and how much water you want to save.

Water Tank Reviews

Elaine Castle from Cambridgeshire
"After talking to one of the sales team over the phone about how I'd go about having a rainwater harvesting system, my husband and I bought a large water tank that we estimated would meet our requirments. When it arrived I was very impressed with the quality of the water tank and my husband has since set up our system in our garden and we are over the moon with it."

Robin Andrews From Troon
" Excellent service! Excellent Water Tank! "

David Probyn from London
" Purchased a potable water tank to store drinking water and I found the customer service was extremely helpful and really appreciated how fast I recieved my water tank"



Hot Water Tanks
Rectangular Tanks

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